About Us

Who we are?
PUTORSEN, established in 2015, is a professional manufacturer and exporter which is concerned with the design, development and production of ergonomic home and office furniture.
Our home and office furniture includes: artistic tv easel, standing desk, computer desk converter, monitor stand and tv mount, etc. Mainly use in offices, conference rooms, gaming room, living room and other places.
We aim at provide users with mounting solution and ergonomic home and office products. Through years of development, PUTORSEN has grown in scale and strength, and now has a professional team integrating innovation, R&D and production to provide users with quality products and better services.

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Why us?
With the rapid development of the information age,many jobs now require the use of computers. For a long time, people have used computers to get work done, however using the computer for a long time often causes problems such as fatigue of eyes and soreness of shoulders.
More and more people have stronger health awareness nowadays because they try to keep balance between high productivity and a good health. Especially young people prefer a more ergonomic and warmer working style, no matter at home or in office. Besides, they prefer to choose aesthetic furniture to improve their visual effect.
PUTORSEN always follow the market and focus on both home living and office working mounting solutions. PUTORSEN's home and office furniture can improve the overall visual effect of the enterprise and home, and its reasonable ergonomic design can also effectively improve the work efficiency of employees and protect the user's body.

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Why we are different?
Our philosophy is that improve the quality of life and experience the life of science and technology.
That take the customer as the center, think what the customer thinks, and follow close on the market is important way to continually create valuable products for customers. That is what PUTORSEN dedicated to for many years.


Innovation is the result of meeting future and growing needs. Always prepare to innovate and keep pace with the market trends.
Creating new values for customers is the criterion for testing innovation.
Don't discourage innovation, encourage even small progress.
Willing to learn and explore new things, dare to ask questions.


Be a good listener and to be considerate of others before judgment.
Willing to help others. Work together and be brainstorm.
Everyone makes their own efforts for mutual progress.


Integrity is not only a simply behavior but also an integral part of the legacy of life.
Each person should continue their jobs, even if they are weak, and be loyal to their core beliefs and values as they become more powerful and more capable.


Share knowledge, information, ideas, experiences and lessons.
Share the fruits of victory. Make sharing a habit.