Triple Monitor Mount for 13-27 LCD LED Screens

Made of high-quality steel, this mechanical triple monitor arm can firmly support monitors up to 7kg/15.4 lbs, for three monitors to be mounted in a side-by-side configuration.

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    Universal monitor stand for increased productivity:

    Made of high-quality, sturdy steel, this monitor stand is scratch-resistant and supports 3 LED/LCD curved/gaming displays ranging in size from 13 to 24 inches and weighing up to 7 kg each. These monitor stands not only allow for multitasking mode of work, but also save a lot of time for productive work.

    Soft Reminder:

    This monitor PC stand can support3 x 24" and 3 x 27" (3 x 24" ideally). In addition, it is also available for 2 x 32" monitors.

    To avoid tilting the screen forward, each arm can only support up to 7kg of weight.

    Detachable VESA Plate

    The detachable VESA plate makes installation easier and more convenient. You simply mount the monitor on the VESA plate and then slide the VESA plate into the bracket to complete the installation.

    Cable Management

    With integrated cable management, you can easily and safely store cables. Without concerning chaotic and messy cables.

    Double joint connection

    The double joint between the two arms will allow you to make greater adjustments and bring a better viewing experience.

    Micro Adjustment

    Able to align monitors of different heights with micro adjustment(0-40mm) behind the VESA plate.

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